How to start a business- Part 6: Digital service

Digital service: In this part of how to start a business, I will discuss the details about digital service and digital product. About doing online business. If you haven’t yet read the previous parts of this series, then I would recommend that you go back and read those part first. Because you are going to be needing it to understand the entire purpose of this series. 
In the previous part of this series, I gave you a lot of details regarding online business. And also digital product and digital services related to online business. This part is a follow up to the last part in this series. 

Digital products and services and how to start business of them 

There are hundreds and thousands of opportunities that we can talk about in this part. But for the sake of convenience, I am going to be only talking about the simplest approach towards digital service.
There are a few categories that you can start working. The best part about starting digital services related business is that you don’t even need to hire a specific office. Or a particular workplace. Or even you don’t need to use any storage-related infrastructure. All you need to do is to have a particular set of scale on some specific sector of digital service-related work. And a proper computer device to do that.  
I mentioned in the previous parts of this series about online freelance working related marketplaces such as or or

Freelance writing : the common digital service

Suppose you don’t have any specific set of skills related to the digital business sector. The most obvious and the simplest thing that you could go for is freelance writing. It might seem a little bit complicated to you. But let me give you a little hand about how easy and how simple you can start working and make your business grow. This is one of the most basic forms of digital service.
All you need to do is to take a lot of time into thinking about what type of approach you are going to make. And what kind of marketplace you are going to be start working on. For instance, you could quickly go for the marketplaces that I told you about. If you think that doing work on marketplaces requires a lot of time and it is going to be stressful for you. Then, you could quickly join the online forums for freelance writer and writing-related jobs.
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If you search on Facebook for freelance writer and writing-related jobs and such type of keywords, you are quickly going to be able to find a lot of groups. That deal with such kind of community. You can start working there for a comparatively cheap rate but that is going to be worth it in the long run. Because whenever you are getting work from such type of Facebook or Reddit based groups or forums. You are indeed going to have a lot less paying job to find. But the thing is whenever you are starting to work on those forums for comparatively less price. It is going to give you one significant benefit. 
And that is it is going to help make your portfolio or reputation. That you can show your other potential buyers our clients. If you want to learn more about article writing or website content writing. And exactly how to do them you can easily find a lot of free courses on different websites. And even YouTube can help you.


All you need to do is to take some time and do a lot of research about what the work is and how you should write about a different type of topics. Even though some work might seem a lot complicated and hard to do. You will be quickly finding a lot of opportunities to make a significant amount of side money. If you take enough time to do your approach and do enough research. 
When you have a necessary amount of reputation of your work. And you have samples that you could show your future clients, you can start building up a good profile. Especially on some of the market places that I mentioned earlier.
I know that getting work is not going to be relatively easy and it is not going to be in a short amount of time. But if you are giving enough time and effort into the sector along with the day job. Or the other methods of income that you have, in the time of maybe one or one and half year you are going to have a reputation. And you’re going to have almost a steady source of income from there.  

Note that:

And when you have a significant amount of reputation and you are getting a lot of orders then you can hire other people. With a cheaper rate of employment for doing those orders. Let me give you a better explanation with an easy example to understand.  
Suppose you are working as a freelance writer and you are doing 50 Dollars for every 5000 words. but in the beginning stages, you are going to have not so many orders to process. When you have a lot of reputation in a certain amount of time you are going to be having a lot more demands than before.  


Suppose you can process for five orders in the amount of time of two days. When you have a better reputation and you are getting 10 or 20 orders each day, you can hire other freelancers who are comparatively new in this sector. And would work for a cheaper rate. Instead of getting $50 for per order you can give them $40 of 45 dollars and take the rest of the amount for yourself.
I know this might not seem quite as much. But imagine this, by just sitting in a place and not doing anything, you are going to be processing 10 orders everyday. Through the people that you have hired. And from those 10 orders if you are taking only $5, you still have $50 by doing only nothing.
To achieve this stage of reputation it might take you one year or two year or even more amount of time. But the thing is when you do, it is going to be a study source of income and all you have to do is distribute the work. Among those people who have hired and only deliver the completed work to the clients. You are going to be earning $50 or $100 every day after 2-3 years by only doing nothing. 

Looking for a scope, or more?- ways to give digital service

You can also start a business for writing Amazon Kindle books. Because there are a lot of publishers in the market who are looking for ghost writers to hire. Either you or any member of your team can efficiently work as a ghost writer. For those publishers who desperately need their book to be written. and in the same way as before you can be able to earn a lot of money by only doing nothing.  
But again, as in any other sector of life you need to be persistent. And need to be consecutive in giving effort and time properly towards this business sector. To grow your reputation.  

Amazon Kindle publishing 

If you have a significant amount of money in your hands to invest in something, you could quickly go for Amazon Kindle publishing. Being able to find a topic that you feel that people are going to be read on that topic. And people have the demand for a book at that topic.
You could hire a freelance writer true ghostwrite you a book in that important topic with some significant manner of writing. If you are doing a primary 9-5 day job, try to save a little amount of money to invest in Amazon Kindle direct publishing. Just by spending 200 or 300 dollars, you’re going to have a whole new book to be published into the market.  
And if you play your cards right and plan out your strategy properly for the advertisement. And by choosing the topic of the book. According to the public demand, the 5 or 6 books that you publish into Amazon marketplace is going to be making sales in no time.
And giving you a significant amount of profit. If you plan your strategy quite in the right path then the books are going to be making a lot of sales. And when they do they are going to keep on doing it. Because Amazon is going to be recommending your book towards new potential buyers.  

Technical skills 

If you have any other type of technical knowledge. Such as website designing or graphic designing or doing SEO for the website. You can start and grow your business in the same way that I have mentioned till now. The fact is that whatever business that I am talking about, you are going to be needing to spend a significant amount of time. And also you need to put a lot of effort into making your reputation grow first.
And when you do that, you can easily hire other people to process the order that you are getting and take a small amount of percentage from their payment. This is going to be the best investment of time and effort that you will be giving into any business. This can be a great scope for making out of Digital service.

Advisory character and virtual assistance 

There are hundreds of multinational company that need a lot of people for doing their book of records and maintaining their proper form into a database. Along with the regular work that you have in your hand you could easily spend a minimal amount of time. And become a virtual assistant for such type of agency or person who requires such kind of service.
Like I told you about Amazon Kindle publishing system. There are a lot of other people who are into this business sector. It is widespread, that such type of publishers require a manager to handle and monitor their business. If you do a little research and learn about what are the works of a publishing manager. And then you could apply for a virtual assistant post in any marketplaces that I have told you about.  If you are looking for scope to provide some digital service, then this might be just the right spot for you!


Suppose I am a publisher on Amazon. And whenever I am publishing new books I need a person to proofread them and format them. According to the platform that I will be publishing the book on. And I will also be needing a person to monitor the ad campaign that I am running. On every single book. Because, I already have a steady work and this is my side business. And I need a person to look and monitor all the processes and all the stages of my this side of business. 
And there are also similar other hundreds of categories of virtual assistance that you could provide. There are some straightforward task for virtual assistant. Such as only taking the data from one database. And putting them into a Microsoft Excel sheet. if you can put a significant amount of effort and time into any marketplaces regarding the job of a virtual assistant you can easily find a lot of opportunities for yourself.

Remember, if you want to grow in digital service:

Everything that I am telling you about in this part is going to be similar with any other business. In which you need to be putting a lot of time and effort and persistence. So that you can make your reputation into the market. The first few orders might be a little challenging to get. But when you have completed a certain number of orders, you are going to be having reviews too. And if you manage to get the first few works adequately done with 5 Star review, it is going to be great.
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There will be more discussion on further details regarding this sector. Don’t forget to check back for more regular posts! Leave a comment on what else do you think about digital service!
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