How to start a business- Part 2

Are you looking for ways to start a business?

Learning about different types of business: Online or Offline?

Index of this article:

  • Types of business
  • What is offline and online business
  • Why online business is good (better to be honest!)
  • Benefits of starting an online business


If you have anything else that you want to know, but hasn’t been covered in this article; don’t worry. This series will cover almost everything one at a time!



Trust me; if I start to discuss the types of business, there will be months of content on just that because the world is infinite in terms of opportunities. So goes for the sector of doing business. If you want to learn about starting a business, and you have a little time to study, then trust me. I will take you into a ride of knowledge in this sector. I am getting you familiarized with all the things there are to know.


On this part of how to start a business, we are going to be discussing two main sectors in which you can start a business for you. Most straightforwardly:

  1. Traditional business
  2. Online business


I don’t know why I termed “offline” business as a traditional business. Because, the way the world is changing, online business is going to be the tradition soon. At it already has come a long way in its path.

In the previous part of this series (I’ll leave a link down below to that), I have talked about some basic things that you need to keep in mind while starting a business.

I know that when I told you about the departmental store, you might be thinking that why this? There are so many other and much more convenient and straightforward ways to start a business. Then why that?

That was the most straightforward idea that I just laid down in front of you. And this entire series and all the things that I am saying is mainly for those who are new in this sector and want to gather the knowledge so that they can have the best shot at making more earning sources for themselves.

When we are discussing business, there are hundreds and thousands of things to know, to discover, and to learn. But all good come one at a time. So be patient. There will be an explanation for everything.

With that being said, let’s jump right into the main content of today’s article.


What do you think when the term “online business” comes into your mind?


Before that, let’s talk about offline stuff.

We see businesses of all sorts of things around us. Buying and selling, trading, making, mending, dealing, exchanging are all of the many forms of activity that we usually see around us. Suppose you work for a company. You are an employee there. But even though you are not doing business, rather than you are doing a job. But have you ever noticed that the company that employed you, where does it earn from?

We work, we have jobs, we have our specific part to play at the place that employs us. So we are just employees. But take a moment to realize a small thing. Every single little job is a part of a business. A person, or a company, while doing the business that it is involved in, hires a person to take care of some specific part of the business. However, the employee is working at a fixed rate of payment. But the thing is, he is also working as a part of a business. I am saying these just to show you the vastness of business around us. Everything we see or do or work for is a part of someone’s business-related activities. I think you are getting an idea about what I am trying to say.

If you still have confusion about the purpose of the things that I have been saying, I am trying to make you understand that the sector and scope to do business is actually more significant than the ocean if you think it in that way. So if you are looking for any “specific” ways or “options” in which you might start your business, then I will tell you that you are going in the wrong direction.

You can do anything for your business. What you actually need to know is how to go on forward in any sector of the market and what to think about it.


What is a business? Business is making exchanges of something with money. Now, this some “thing” might be a product, might be a service, might be something else. But that is the draft idea of the concept itself.

Now let’s learn about online business.

Do you remember all the things that I have been telling you till now? Doing the same things on the platforms available on the internet is called doing business online.


Let me tell you a short little thing about online business and why it is more important to focus.


Online business is, first of all, the easiest way to approach people. Letting people know about your business is really the first and the most critical step of any business in the world. Because, if people don’t know about the business that you are doing, then why would they come to you? And here is the magical part about doing online business. Because in the traditional ways, you need to do a lot of physical marketing and letting people know about the business. But now you can do that from the screen in front of you. It saves money, time, effort, and a lot of other things at the same time.

Even if you are doing physical business, like a dealership or a shop or a store, etc. you can still have more than ten times the reach of your business by using the online platforms to do the marketing for the business.

Online or offline, whichever form of business you are doing, utilizing the online platforms to make the reach of your business grow more, is the most crucial thing in the modern world. No matter where you are from, online platforms and the networking system is literally in everyone’s hands. Just think of Facebook, one single website in the whole ocean of the internet. Along, Facebook has more capability than you can imagine. There are so many uncountable numbers of potential customers for your business. Because almost everyone uses this platform, if you manage to do a good quality marketing of your business on social media platforms like this, there will be no stopping you from gaining the reach for your business. And that amount of range is actually beyond imagination in comparison with the traditional forms of marketing.

With all the theoretical part being said, I know I might have bored you a bit. But the thing is, when you are trying to learn such an important thing, there is no short cut, especially when there is money involved. Because you will be investing an amount into the business, so, you must learn as best as you can. It will increase the potential of your success.


Here is a shortlist of the benefits that you can have starting an online business:

  • You can spend a lot less to make the start
  • You can start at home
  • Won’t need costly warehouses and selling shops to rent and spend money on that
  • Can work as you want
  • Can start with a tiny amount of money
  • Business of anything
  • Can even sell digital products. Suppose you can do graphics design, you can sell your services from home.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg.


In the next part of this series, I will talk about the ups and downs of both online and offline businesses. The upcoming episodes of this series will also feature some of the unlimited potentials that you will have in online business.

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