How to earn money online- Part 1: how to start

earn money online

If you are looking for different ways to earn money online, then this is just the place for you. If you haven’t yet checked the intro to this series, click HERE!

Earning money is the most sought thing ever in this world. Everything we do, everything we learn and thrive for, is to earn money. Because that is, like it or not, the most important physical thing in this world. If you are looking for ways to know about how to earn money online, well, that is why I am here for.

earn money online

Before getting on with the depth of this article, I’d like to say a few words about this blog. I did not optimize this blog enough for getting on the search ranking on google. Because the only reason that I started this blog is to be able to help people. I’m a businessman. I have been doing a lot of stuff, and for decades, I have created several chains of income, that would give me steady streams of money. On this blog, I mainly discuss how to get things that you want the most.

This series will feature one post each day. Each post will contain 3-5 different ways and proper guidelines to make money online.

1.    Start a YouTube Channel

I know that this might sound a bit weird. But the thing is, if you want to have fun, get known by people, and also make some money, then this is just the right spot for you! Anything that you are passionate about while doing it, make a video of yourself. Adjust the proper quality and presentation, make some little highlights to draw attention. And voila!

Imagine you are good at some skill and you want to show or teach it to the world. You can make videos of yourself, make it presentable and easily understandable, create a sweet little image for the thumbnail, you could even do it on your phone these days!

If you are passionate about cooking, traveling, making crafted items, and more, you could get your channel up and running at no time. Just be consistent, be presentable, and tell people what they want to know. Within a few months, you will achieve the capability to monetize your channel. And then, will be giving an amount for the views that you get. And at the same time, you could run ads on your videos, that will give you money each time YouTube videos are viewed!

What do you need?

Decent phone with a decent camera will do! And you could just take a video of the thing that you are doing, make some little editing about cutting away unnecessary shots etc.

How much time do you need?

If you are persistent about it, then you can just spend one hour each day on studying and making the videos. Within 6-7 months, of course, if you are regular, you can be at a certain stage!


2.  Start your blog

Just like the first one, if you are a good writer, and you want to share information or even stories, this might be a great chance for you! If you want to share information, or news, or skills and crafting, technical information, or even if you want to write fiction stories (literature), you can start a blog. And the fun part is, starting a blog is free! You can create a free blog on the platform blogger by google. Just like you arrange the icons of apps on your phone, you can easily manage what type of theme and looks you want to give your blog. And then start right away!

When you have a certain amount of audience, you can apply for Google’s Adsense. You will be then able to show ads on your blog and get money whenever they are viewed.


3.  Affiliate marketing

For this one, it would be best if you have your own blog/website that has a certain amount of visitors regularly.

Affiliate marketing is a bit new term, but yet a lot popular. Let me explain. Imagine that you are in the affiliate program of Amazon. You will have a link for each of the products. And when you post those links online, if someone clicks on those links, and buys the product, you get e percentage of the sales that the links are making. Simple.

You could learn a lot about affiliate marketing just by searching on Google! And there will be another series on the topic of affiliate marketing in this blog right after the end of this one. So don’t forget to check back!

Let’s get back to the point. You will be given a link for the products that you have to make sales. On your website or your blog or even on your social media, you can create engaging posts that will have the chance to make a potential customer attracted to getting into the link. And when that customer makes the purchase, you will be getting a certain amount of percentage from the sale. It’s that simple! And a great way to earn money online!

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